Guide to using your burner

How do I use a wax melt burner?
Wax melt burners are used similarly to oil burners except instead if using the oil you use a segment of wax which is wax mixed with a fragrance oil. When the wax is melting, the fragrance oil evaporates into the air creating a scent throughout your home.
These are longer lasting than candles and don't create any soot so also better for the environment. You need to clean your burner every month issro dependant on the usage. Use warm soapy water and rinse, this will remove an residue in the burner.
To change your wax is really easy. Light a tealight under the well and wait for 15 seconds. This will leave the wax hard but underneath will start to melt so push it gently and it should slide off the burner. The wipe clean and put in a new melt!
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