Our Journey

How we started...
Whilst I was on maternity leave with Myla being only 3 months old, I decided I wanted a hobby. This was mainly due to the new craze all over social media of endless cleaning products like Zoflora and the Pink Stuff. Every time I went on social media it was full of family homes, pristine homes that looked like show homes and it made me feel this was normal. So everyday I would clean, not just a little once around, a full clean. People say 'sleep when the baby sleeps', but I would clean when the baby was asleep. It got to the stage where I couldn't sit down unless everywhere was clean and tidy, even if I had a cup of tea I would wash the cup and dry it before I carried on with what I was doing. It got a little bit silly and everyone around me were getting a little concerned.
Danny, my partner encouraged me to do something creative with my time.
So I got the equipment and started making personalised cups with people's drinks orders on them. I researched these and competitors were selling these for over £20 but I wanted to sell affordable products. So I uploaded the cups to Facebook Marketplace for £6. I had a customer buy three, then another bought a couple and then another lovely customer bought nine from me and the sales just grew and grew.
This then attracted some lovely customers who still order from me 3 years later. The customers were so happy with their items which encouraged me, alongside alot of encouragement from my partner, Danny to upload some to Etsy. I loved all the organisation products and storage items, especially as they were personalised but I found them very expensive so I looked into these and started making these and everyone loved them.
This has then expanded to engraved items, clothing, wax melts and so much more. This then led to us growing and growing and here we are with our own website. 
Whilst I am the owner, the admin, the creator of all products and the maker of all the melts and home fragrance, we are not a one man band. Danny packages when he can as he has his own full time job, he also finds new products and comes up with great ideas but also he has sourced all of our packaging materials as we have made all our packaging recyclable and eco friendly - even our wax melt packaging!


The girls also LOVE helping! Cadi is my little assistant when doing stalls and knows every wax melt by name. Molly loves helping with the glitters etc on the wax melts and helps with unpackaging any products we have. Olivia loves to help Danny with the orders when taking them to the Post Office and Myla also loves doing this. We really are a family run business.
And that's us! We have lots of behind the scenes and news on our social media platforms so make sure to follow us to join in our little community. We also have most of this information sent out in our emails too so don't miss out on our giveaways and offers
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